School Year Classes for Ages 5-17

We offer youth classes and ensembles throughout our 2019-2020 school year for beginners and more advanced students. 

Registration is open for all class sessions through Cascade School of Music.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have a co-registration partnership with Bend Parks and Recreation for some of our Youth Classes. The partnership provides an opportunity for registration through Cascade School of Music or through Bend Parks and Recreation.

The fall session of classes will be available for registration through Bend Parks and Recreation on August 12 at 5:30 a.m.

The spring session of classes will be available for registration through Bend Parks and Recreation on December 9 at 5:30 a.m.

Enrichment Classes (Ages 5-10)

The purpose of Enrichment Classes is to grow the gifts and talents of students, and help foster their love for music. Curriculum builds throughout the 14-week class, inspiring a lifelong appreciation of music and giving children the foundation they will need to enjoy success in private instrument and vocal instruction. Keeping a steady beat, playing instruments, dance, creative movement, singing, harmonic accompaniment and improvisation are all building blocks in the creation of this solid musical foundation. Through these rich, interactive classes, students discover their own creativity and the joy of making music with friends!

Beginning Ukulele for ages 7-11 (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Little Singers for ages 5-7 (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Musical Universe for ages 5-6 

Rhythm Fundamentals for ages 6-9 (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Shining Stars Homeschool Choir for ages 6-10

Beginning Instrumental Studies Classes (Ages 7-12)

Students may choose their instrument (piano, guitar, violin, cello, or drums/percussion) and begin formal music study. Our goal during this period is to develop beginning level skills, a healthy practice routine, and a love of music while having fun and making friends in a small group class. The beginning classes are 14 weeks in length followed by continued learning in our private study program.

Beginning Drums for ages 8-10

Beginning Guitar for ages 7-9 or 10-12 (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Beginning Piano for ages 7-9 or 10-12 (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Beginning Strings for ages 7-10 (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Beginning Violin for ages 7-10 (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Recording & Production (Ages 12-17)

Cascade School of Music and Central Oregon Recording are offering a recording and production class designed to provide students with hands-on experience in a fully equipped recording and production studio.

Central Oregon Recording & Production Experience  (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Ensembles (Ages 9-16)

Making music with others is one of the most inspiring and rewarding experiences for any musician. Participation in ensembles helps develop skills such as teamwork, patience, flexibility, and accountability which are vital components of musicianship. Students in our ensemble programs benefit from experiencing a variety of performance opportunities, and help to maintain social connections developed in earlier years.

World Choir for Girls for ages 9-12  (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Academy Blue Percussion Ensemble for ages 10-16 w/ instructor approval  (co-registration with Bend Parks and Recreation)

Rock U & Jazz Programs (Ages 11-17) 

The Rock U and Jazz Programs are designed to give student musicians the opportunites and skills needed to become better musicians within a band and studio environment. Using standard Jazz, Rock, and Pop tunes, the program aims to give students valuable technical and improvisational skills along with group collaboration and a minimum of four performance opportunities. The program will culminate with a recording studio session at Central Oregon Recording.

Students should have at least one year of private study with their instrument. Auditions are required for returning and new students. Students accepted into the programs are required to be registered in private study through Cascade School of Music. Call 541-382-6866 to learn more and to schedule an audition. 

Rock U: Opening Act | Beginner - Intermediate Level

Rock U: Headliners | Intermediate - Advanced Level

Cascade Jazz | Intermediate - Advanced Level

Tuition assistance is available for all classes at Cascade School of Music. Visit our Tuition Assistance page for more information.

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