Private Lesson Information

Cascade School of Music offers the opportunity for private music study with our faculty members with lesson lengths of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. The relationship between student and faculty member is a special one. At Cascade School of Music, we work hard to make the right pairing from day one and throughout a student's time of study.

We offer private study for the following instruments: bass guitar, cello, clarinet, drums, fiddle, guitar, harp, mandolin, percussion, piano, saxophone, ukulele, upright bass, viola, violin,  and voice.  Our faculty members are ready to support and inspire!  

Private lessons for most instruments begin at ages 7, 8, or 9.  

    How to Register

    • Current students may contact the school at 541-382-6866. Students must re-register each September. 
    • New students may complete the online inquiry form. Providing detailed information assists with the placement process. 

    Summer 2020 Session

    The summer session of our Private Study Program is scheduled June 1 through August 28. We invite students to enroll at any point during the session. Starting July 1, we are offering the option for either in-person or online lessons.

    Enrollment Option Details

    We offer two enrollment options depending upon the studentís goals, teacher availability, and scheduling. 

    • Tuition Plan Enrollment Option
      • The Tuition Plan is strongly encouraged and provides students with weekly lessons.   
      • The flat rate per month for 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons is $136.00, $184.00, and $239.00 respectively.
      • The monthly payment rates are set by the number of instructional weeks in a session multiplied by the rate per lesson ($37.00, $50.00, and $65.00) and divided by the number of months in the instructional session. 
      • Summer Tuition Plan: To accommodate planned student and/or faculty member vacations, the Summer Tuition Plan is structured to allow for 11 lessons over 13 instructional weeks (June 1 through August 28). We encourage students/parents and faculty members to work together to schedule the 11 lessons.  If more than 11 lessons are requested, payment will be assessed individually. 
      • Students who enroll in lessons after July 31 will be required to use the Ticket Plan Enrollment Option for lessons scheduled through August 2020. 
    • Ticket Plan Enrollment Option
      • The Ticket Plan is for students who either have lessons scheduled less frequently than weekly or would like to schedule a set number of lessons. The rate per lesson for 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons is $41.00, $54.00, and $68.00 respectively.
      • Students who enroll in lessons after July 31 will be required to use the Ticket Plan Enrollment Option for lessons scheduled through August 2020. 

    Registration fees of $10.00 per student are assessed annually in September at the start of the academic year.  

    Additional policy and procedure information can be found in our Policy Library

    On occasion, we have a waitlist for placement of new students into our private study program. If no immediate space is available for the student, the student has the option of being placed on the waitlist. When space becomes available, the school will contact the student or parent/guardian.  

    Tuition Assistance is available for classes and private lessons at Cascade School of Music. Visit our Tuition Assistance page for more information. 

    We offer a 10% discount for ages 50+ in support of life-long learning.