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Lindsey Elias


Lindsey Elias has been playing and performing the drum set for the past twenty two years. She has been a fundamental part of the local central Oregon music scene since she was a young adult. In two decades she has perfected her craft from live performances to studio recordings, and being a hired professional.

For seventeen years, Lindsey has taught many kids and adults how to play the drums. She recognized her talent for being able to teach and explain the concepts of how to play the drums. Parents of students have marveled at how engaged their child is with their drum lessons and how they come home with actual tools that they can apply to their own drumming life. She has encountered all kinds of learning styles and has an understanding on how to approach each individual learning style to create a completely personal drumming experience. Using her knowledge from being a touring musician/recording artist, she has a unique perspective to offer on what it means to be a professional in the music industry.

Lindsey specializes in playing rock music. Her early drumming years were inspired by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Tool & Incubus. Lindsey also spent lots of time playing in jazz band during middle and high school, where she learned to read music. She received a full scholarship to the 2003 Stanford Jazz camp as well as attended various jazz band camps where she spent some time playing Dixie-land, 12-bar blues, and old jazz classics.

Lindsey has been playing in many local bands throughout the years, including Empty Space Orchestra, The Mostest, Mosely Wotta, Wave State, and Brave New World, to name a few. She is currently playing with a prominent Seattle band. She is looking forward to showing a new wave of kids how to rock out with their friends!