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Rick Buckley


Rick took his first piano lesson in Norfolk VA. back in the late 60s before moving to Chicago where he became a part of the progressive rock scene over the next 20 years. His inspirations were acts like ELP, Moody Blues, Kansas, and Genesis, who wove a tapestry of classical and rock music. Rick performed his own similar brand of music and unique arrangements of, and variations on, classical music in a rock band format for nearly a decade in and around Chicago. Since moving to Bend, Rick has toured with the 234th Army Band and can be found around Central Oregon playing in local clubs in the 80s rock band FunBobby. He has served as Musical Director for 7 different musical theater productions, adapting musical scores for rock combos in productions of Evil Dead: The Musical, Disaster!, Reefer Madness: The Musical, and the rock opera Tommy. He's also a sponsor for the Sunriver Musical Festivals annual Piano Showcase, held at the Tower Theater. Five decades after taking his first piano-lesson, it's his first piano teacher he thinks of most often, with fondness and appreciation. He aspires to send his students into each of their futures, with love for all types of music.  His biggest hope...that all of his students will still be playing and enjoying music five decades after taking THEIR first piano-lesson.