Musicians' Path

At Cascade School of Music, we’ve designed a robust collection of music educational opportunities which provide the means to become a well-rounded musician.

There are no shortcuts in this endeavor. To make progress, a student must develop patience, perseverance, the ability to focus, and the willingness to defer gratification. We are building life-long, well-rounded musicians who make music because it is a joyous, uplifting, satisfying pursuit.

Our programs are an integrated progression of classes, lessons, and performances, beginning with early childhood and culminating in adulthood.

Kindermusik - Early Childhood

Cascade School of Music utilizes the Kindermusik curriculum. Kindermusik is an internationally-acclaimed program for early childhood music. Led by our skilled educators, Kindermusik's research-based programs will enhance your child's development and instill a lifelong love of music. We offer the full range of Kindermusik classes so you can engage when the time is right for your family.


The Enrichment classes at Cascade School of Music emphasize musical skill development that will enhance formal instrumental study.  Our instructors use a wide array of classroom materials and/or instruments — both pitched and non-pitched—along with movement (in some classes) to create inspiring, fun and engaging classes.

The ultimate purpose of the Music Enrichment Programs at Cascade School of Music is to grow the gifts and talents of students, and help foster their love for music.

Curriculum builds throughout the term, inspiring a lifelong appreciation of music and giving children the foundation they will need to enjoy success in private instrument and vocal instruction. Keeping a steady beat, playing instruments, dance, creative movement, singing, harmonic accompaniment and improvisation are all building blocks in the creation of this solid musical foundation.  Through these rich, interactive classes, students discover their own creativity and the joy of making music with friends!  

Beginning Instrumental Instruction

Students may choose their instrument (piano, guitar, violin, cello, or drums/percussion) as they begin formal music study. Our goal during this period is to develop beginning level skills, a healthy practice routine, and a love of music while having fun and making friends in a small group class. Musical field trips and performance opportunities round out an exciting year.

Performance Ensembles

Making music with others is one of the most inspiring and rewarding experiences for any musician. Group play affords great opportunity for extended learning to round out their building musicianship including teamwork, patience, flexibility and accountability. Students in our performance ensemble programs benefit from experiencing a variety of performance opportunities, and help to maintain social connections developed in earlier years.

Adult and Intergenerational Classes

The benefits of music don’t end once one enters adulthood. The cognitive, social, health and educational benefits are abundant. Primary goals for our adult students are that they make progress and have fun! Cascade School of Music offers classes for beginning through advanced adult students.

Intergenerational music classes have been shown to provide benefits to young and old participants alike.  Adults benefit from enhanced socialization, a greater sense of engagement in their communities, and better emotional, mental and physical health.  Children gain an emerging sense of empathy, including a more positive attitude toward aging. Studies have also shown that children participating in intergenerational activities display a higher level of maturity and manners than their peers, improved academic performance, and greater self-control and patience. Stay tuned for intergenerational workshops.

 Private Study

One-on-one instruction facilitates rapid skill development and fosters a deeper connection with music and their instructor. Weekend ensemble and performance opportunities, Workshops and musical field trips help maintain social connections developed in earlier years.

“The schools that produced the highest academic achievement in the United States today are spending 20% to 30% of the day on the arts, with special emphasis on music.” International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IAEEA)

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